Most commonly when it comes to Shower maintenance and repairs in the Mackay region, it is to rectify a leaking shower.

These are generally found in the older houses here in Mackay however are still occasionally found in new homes due to dodgy workmanship or simply the builder looking for the cheapest and not so experienced crew for the job.

There is no job too big or small. We can provide mending works of any cracked or damaged tiles on your floors or walls or even alter the look of an old existing room with tile inserts or a border tile. Remodelling a kitchen or bathroom is a smart home improvement move, especially if an individual is planning to provide a brand new look to their household area.

On the other hand swimming pool maintenance and repairs in the Whitsundays region is the other half of the responsibilities that come with the package. If a pool tears and has a leak in it you will waste gallons of water and pay double just to keep the water level steady. In turn, it not only increases the value of your home, but provides more space and more modern look.

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