Waterproofing Mackay and Whitsundays region are an essential standardization for anyone who is building, renovating or even extending their properties.

It is with the aid of knowledge, experience and the use of superior products that our skilful team from the Mt Pleasant region QLD can provide primary resistance to water ingress as well as that of hydrostatic pressure. Containment of water to internal wet areas is crucial to keeping the structural integrity of any building or dwelling sound and up to standard.

Swimming pools also require a form of containment waterproofing in order to prevent the loss of any water escaping. In the same regard, negative waterproofing systems must be put in place for retaining walls, planter boxes and habitable structures that are cut into the side of a hill or an underground basement.

These systems are put in place to do the opposite by which keep all water and moisture out and away from a dwelling. At times for avoiding any kind of leakage one simply needs to apply the correct type of sealants, to that of a particular substrate or surface in pertaining to the ideal waterproofing resolution.